TOMCAT ®Roofs, Multi-Stage ® Decks,
Barricades and Spot Towers

Festivals, concerts, sporting events~ your indoor or outdoor event will look better and run smoother with Crosswind Systems TOMCAT roofs and Multi-Stage decks.

Crosswind's TOMCAT Roof Systems set up quickly and give you the height, flexibility and reliability you need. And unlike some roofs, Crosswind's TOMCAT roofs eliminate ugly scaffolding towers, giving you a stage that looks cleaner and provides a clearer view with few obstructions.

44' x 44' Tomcat Roof System     YO Ranch Social Club

44' x 34' Tomcat Roof System with P.A. Fly Bays
2nd Annual Sienna Jazz Festival
Houston, TX

Set-Up In Hours

When you 're on a deadline, you can't afford to waste time and manpower with clumsy and complicated staging. That's why you'll appreciate the fast, easy installation and removal of TOMCAT Roof Systems. The TOMCAT roof goes up in a matter of hours, instead of days, and comes back down just as easily. Plus, Crosswind's professionals deliver your system and supervise your set-up team, so your roof goes up perfectly and right on time. Or, if you prefer, we'll send our own installation team for fast installation without the worry. Crosswind also provides Multi-Stage deck systems with minimal stage deck set-up and tear-down time.

Automated Roof Systems for Height Flexibility

TOMCAT Roof Systems give you the flexibility you need to accomodate varying height requirements and weather conditions. Even after set-up, if rain or other conditions call for the roof height to be readjusted, a single switch raises or lowers the roof accordingly, with minimal disruption.

44' x 44' Tomcat Roof System
George W. Bush Inauguration - Texas State Capitol

     Crosswind's Got You Covered
  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor events
  • Installation in a matter of hours, reducing labor costs
  • Automated for safe, convenient raising and lowering of roof to accommodate weather conditions, height requirements
  • Supervised installation for fast, accurate set-up, every time
  • Clean, clutter-free appearance
  • Minimal sightline obstruction
  • Structural and performance liability
  • Supports advertising/sponsorship requirements
  • Complete stage deck construction/installation available
  • Experienced personnel insures highest quality and reliability/routine inspection of end product
  • TOMCAT Roof Dimensions:
       Top (O.D.): 44' x 44', 64' x 44', 34' x 24'
       Typical trim height: 27' to 30'
    (Height can vary to meet specifications and stage deck height)
  • Shade Roof Dimensions:
       Top (O.D.): 30' x 20', 20' x 20', 25' x 20'
       Typical trim height: 14' to 18'

Crosswind Systems can provide custom staging utilizing modular staging and special events staging including chair risers, tiered seating, runways, orchestra pit covers and barricades.

Crosswind Systems Roofs
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Houston, TX
Ysleta Festival
Zoo Ball
Shreveport, LA
YO Ranch
Crosswind Systems Stages
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Dallas Cowboys Show
Concert Barricade
Sunset Station Fight Night
Riverfest Barge Stages
Fredericksburg, TX
Indoor Video Production

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